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Test Preparation - Online Tutoring Tips

We know that parents and caregivers want to help their children prepare the best they can for standardized tests, but sometimes are at a loss on how to help. At Mills Virtual Tutoring we work beyond the test to ensure our students have the knowledge and more importantly confidence to succeed. Here are our top 4 tips to prepare for tests.

1. Foundational Skills

The best way to ensure students can grasp concepts is to build a strong foundations. Children who are proficient in math and reading fundamentals, such as: phonics, formulas and reading comprehension, will be better prepared as the concepts expand and the work becomes more challenging. This is what is necessary to performing better on tests.

  • Always build from the foundation- the more review of proficient skills while adding new concepts slowly, builds a stronger test taker.

  • Once concepts are grasped they need to be mastered. See how we do that here.

2. Understanding the Test

Standardized tests differ from taking regular school tests. Standardized tests require you to be punctual have specific instructions to follow and are meticulously timed. Schools generally spend time familiarizing students with the format, but are they truly ready? Our tutors are teachers and have years of knowledge to share with your student. Think of all the things that could have been done better if only we knew... Give your student the advantage to beat the test.

  • Having students understand test terminology is essential. What is the format, how are the questions worded, how many questions, how much time, etc.

3. Beat the Test

So maybe your student is not prepared, perhaps some concepts are lacking that necessary strong foundation, maybe it just not their best skill- let us help! Here are test taking strategies that can help beat any test.

  • Follow the directions- make sure everything is correct and you understand what to do.

  • Look for clues in questions. Sometimes the answers are placed in questions and vice versa, there is only so much material, read everything.

  • In multiple-choice tests make sure to understand the score for blanks versus guessing, it's always best to rule out the answers you know are incorrect and choose from there.

4. Minimize Stress

It's expected for students to be nervous for exams, but sometimes it can go a little too far. The best way to minimize stress when it comes to the test is to make sure your student is fully prepared. This does not only mean armed with knowledge; the more comfortable and confident the student feels, the less stress is present. Treating your student to an online virtual tutoring session will make sure they are ready.

  • Sleep is crucial- Get a good nights sleep before the test so you are fully prepared mentally and physically.

  • Food/Hydration- Eat a good breakfast and hydrate- you'll look and feel great!

  • Supplies- Pencils, calculators, a watch, tools, extra paper... Don't always expect someone to have the testing tools. Be prepared!


The best way to ensure your student is ready to beat the test is to make sure they are knowledgeable, confident and prepared. Mills Virtual Tutoring will make sure your student not only has the skills needed, but also the necessary tips and tricks that bring success. If you want to give your student the best test prep with the best online virtual tutors, click here.

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