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What is Online Tutoring?

A challenge many teachers encounter in schools is making sure that all students are getting a quality education. Of course they want to have each and every student succeed, but there are a myriad of reasons why some students may fall behind. Then... there's tutoring. Tutoring has been used since the beginning of formal education and now with internet availability so accessible we have entered an exciting time for online education. Online tutoring brings flexibility and easy access to students, parents, and schools and can make a significant impact on your student’s learning success. Mills Virtual Tutoring provides the top, most professional, expert tutors who deliver online services to your student/s. Discover how online tutoring can benefit you today.



Comparable to traditional tutoring, online tutoring provides extra help outside of regular school hours. Highly qualified tutors give instructions, clarify any questions students may have, and assist with class assignments or homework. The main difference is that online tutoring occurs virtually over the internet.

Tutors and students set up a virtual appointments online. Mills Virtual Tutoring online learning platform makes tutoring services accessible from any device. Traffic, no babysitter, no problem, parents and students love the flexibility.

Online tutoring is convenient, effective and is always personalized to all students needs. Whether your students are looking to improve their grades, beat the tests, or just understand concepts, Mills Virtual Tutoring has the solution for you.


Classrooms are sometimes loud and often busy, making some students distracted or not able to focus. While some thrive in this environment, other find more success in a more individualized setting.

No student in a classroom learns exactly the same way and most educators know that in order to meet certain students goals and objectives, they may need to give individualized instruction. But this is not always possible with busy classrooms, increased class sizes, and increased demand for higher test scores. One on one interactions have a remarkable track record of helping students. Students can ask questions that they may not have in class, can get help with assignments, learn concepts at a foundational level and learn skills necessary to succeed in education. Our tutors assess and identify the needs of learners and tailor their tutoring services to them specifically.


Online tutoring provides flexible hours, 24/7 scheduling and the ability to learn from anywhere. Traditional tutoring has limitations; travel time, scheduling conflicts, only so many hours in the day etc. This can affect tutoring consistency and effectiveness. With a personalized online tutor your student can achieve their full potential during the school day, they will get additional reinforcement of the concepts they are learning, and they may even get a head start on the material they will cover in the future. Online tutoring keeps your students actively learning. Whether you're looking for a summer skills program, after-school reinforcement, test taking skills, or anything in between, online tutoring can be customized for your child.


One of the most powerful benefits of online tutoring is the student engagement. Current students are products of a digital age and many flourish in a virtual environment making online tutoring superior in some ways. We are able to keep students attention and help them grow cognitively through our powerful learning environment. Some students are visual learners and others love to play games and engage online. The tutors at Mills Virtual Tutoring take advantage of this by creating lessons and interactive courses that use the newest technology. Traditional tutoring uses worksheets, textbooks, and workbooks, while we use all of the virtual tools available on the internet. The result is an enriching, user-friendly environment in which many students not only feel successful, they are successful..


Did we mention the flexibility? Life can change fast and with online tutoring you can schedule and reschedule your student’s tutoring sessions for when it works for you. With availability in the evenings as well as weekends, Mills Virtual Tutoring can accommodate any schedule. No more rushing... schedule your session virtually, turn on your device, and begin your session.


We begin with a consultation to get to know your child and his or her learning goals and needs. We then develop a customized plan to maximize your student’s tutoring success. Mills Virtual Tutoring provides services in all subject areas and at any age. Whether your student is in general education classes, a special education, or requires specific services, summer classes, or test prep, we have qualified tutors ready to help.


Tutoring is a valuable addition for any student looking for academic success. It can answer questions from busy school days, and reinforce skills that are necessary to succeed. Online tutoring, on the other hand, takes it to the next level; providing flexible scheduling, expert instruction, increased student engagement, and personalized learning plans. All students can benefit from this new and innovative learning platform. Online tutoring will be here for some time, we may even see more schools looking to add enhancements in this space, but I think we have some time till that happens. Whatever your students academic goals or learning objectives may be, we have the solution that you are looking for. Mills Virtual Tutoring brings expert professionals into homes across the country for online tutoring sessions daily. Schedule a consultation today.

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