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One-On-One Tutoring

Students are typically in a classroom of over 25 students each with little to no one-on-one support. Don’t get us wrong, teachers are doing what they can to help everyone, but sometimes those needs don't get fulfilled. One-on-one tutoring offers individualized support for your child from content support through study skills for certain classes.
One-on-one tutoring is when a tutor works privately with a student address all of their specific needs in one hour. The rapport that is built from outside support is resounding!
Typically, the tutor will meet with student on a weekly basis for one hour. Consistency is key with individualized support where the tutors will focus on areas needed the most depending upon the topic.

Academic Coaching

Much of a student's education is very focused on tests, grades and report cards. Don’t get us wrong, those are important or else we wouldn’t be here.  However there are critical functions students need to learn to help them succeed in and beyond the classroom. That’s where an academic coach comes in.
Our coaches focus on the individual needs of each student. Some students need more help in time management or managing their academic schedules. Others need help prioritizing and goal setting. We frequently help students improve their public speaking and communication abilities. The list goes on. Our goal, and hope is that they become self directed, confident, engaged learners that eventually won’t need our guidance.
Tutors will meet with students on a biweekly schedule, one-on-one for 30 minutes, to help students keep up with the high demands of school. Tutors will focus on areas needed the most depending upon the needs of each student at the time of the session.

IEP Academic & Goal Support

Students learn differently and we know how to teach them to learn in their own way. We support student's individualized academic abilities while working towards reaching their educational goals and objectives. It is our personal goal to propel students to where they could be with the confidence necessary to be successful in their classes.
IEP Academic & Goal Support with Mills Virtual Tutoring is privately working with a tutor in the field who knows how to form a rapport with students and help them build the skills and confidence to overcome their academic, behavioral and social discrepancies.
We start by reading about the student and get to know their academic, behavioral and social abilities. The tutor will meet with the student typically on a weekly basis for one full hour. Consistency is key to work on areas of need for the student in order to make progress.

Summer Enrichment

Courses are designed for students to build a solid foundation of content and build up their confidence, one major topic at a time. Students need an atmosphere where they can actually learn without the pressure of taking 7 classes at once and having to pass a test every couple of weeks. Rich with content laid out in a clear concise manner, summer enrichment will encourage students to revert back to the foundation of main topics learned over the summer. If your child typically feels behind the curve in math, wants to be prepared for the upcoming school year or even just needs an organized layout of the main topics, then this is the course for them!

Summer enrichment courses are designed to foster active learning and use an interactive style of problem solving that improves student understanding and retention. Our courses are taught in real-time with both instructor and student interaction, working with just a notebook and pencil, the goal is to create a "how to" guide of major concepts throughout the content so students can walk into the school year with confidence!

This is a live interactive course with eight to sixteen sessions. Support will be available throughout the weeks in order to set the students up for success from the start of the school year. Summer enrichment begins June 15th and students can work at their own pace and the work can be done from anywhere, even on vacation!

Spring Test Prep

One month, six-hour sessions of group tutoring, reviewing major concepts and practicing test taking and study skills

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