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Monthly & Quarter Meet-Ups

One of the most frequent things mentioned by parents is that their kids understand everything from class, but when it comes down to testing, their students don't make the grade.

Students work so hard during lessons and completing assignments and then score mediocre on a test. There is a major disconnect in preparation for the assessment because students can understand concepts when a teacher teaches them, but when they actually need to apply them, that’s where the issues lie.

Students frequently say “I’ve never been taught this”, and even though that is how it seems, it's the fact that the information has not been proposed in this specific format before and/or practiced enough to comprehend it. 

Following an organized layout of the units, Mills Virtual Tutoring will:

  • Review major concepts that have already been taught

  • Practice test type questions

  • Teach how to answer standardized questions

  • Meet on specified dates

What course(s) are you interested in?

Courses Offered


Algebra 1


Algebra 2


AP Calculus

AP Statistics

Biology/AP Biology

Chemistry/AP Chemistry

AP Spanish

AP French

As we approach AP testing, SOLs and final exams, Mills Virtual Tutoring provides a crash course to beating the test! Join us this spring!

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