We believe in the power of partnerships that help our students succeed to their fullest capacity. That is why we have formed an alliance within specific companies to guarantee expertise and innovative educational support that guide students from our academic tutoring services to the next steps of their future. 


Contact the company directly for more information on specific services and pricing, and remember to let them know that Mills Virtual Tutoring sent you!

I Got Coderz


Igotcoderz is an EdTech organization that is focused on spreading knowledge about Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM). We focus on Interactive design and development as a tool for students to explore industries in Video Game development, Film, Animation & Cinematics, Teaching and training, Automotive & Manufacturing, Architecture, Engineering & Construction. Our mission is not about coding, rather promoting Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Information literacy, Media literacy, and Technology literacy.

Cardinal College Planning


Cardinal College Planning helps navigate the college planning process. They invest in the highest quality tools to manage the college application process, utilizing best-in-class software to give students and parents access to a college dashboard. Within this system, students can keep track of their profile (and compare it to admission stats at any college at the touch of a button), create college lists, and manage application deadlines. They offer a variety of options to meet the student and family where they are at in the process of college planning and budgeting. All packages include access to a personalized online portal that will have clear deadlines, keep students organized and allow or regular communication between everyone!

The Girl Link

The Girl Link Logo.webp

The Girl Link provides a community of women raising young females to positively impact relationships, develop confidence, self-motivate, build leadership skills and provide knowledge and resources on real life challenges experienced in school, family, relationships and eventually the workplace to result in an overall positive physical and mental well-being.

Noga Movement


What is NOGA?

Noga means brightness and is the shining new star of fitness education, Next generation, evolved Yoga and Pilates trainings. Based on functional movement, we teach directly to each individual body; no confusing words, no religious context, and no dietary restrictions- pure exercise science. Noga is about movement, physical, personal, and professional. Fitness should not be about ideals, it is about movement and results. Our trainings are fast paced, fun and efficient. Giving you the knowledge and expertise to teach and be successful. Leave the history in the past and move forward to the new evolution of fitness. A plank is a plank and a lunge is a lunge, learn how to intelligently sequence exercises that get results- Grab your mat and let's get started!

Back to Basics Ballers

Basketball Player

At Back to Basics Basketball, we focus on the fundamentals and building blocks of the skills needed to take your game to the next level. We break down foot-work, ball-handling, shooting form, body movement, scoring and defense into small pieces and build these back up in practical and focused individual lessons.

It all happens in 3 simple steps:

  1. Talk through your goals and what you would like to see improved

  2. Assess your skill level through a comprehensive skills check lesson

  3. Start working towards your goals with 1hr individual sessions