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Monthly Meetups:

One of the most frequent things mentioned from parents is that their kids understand everything from class, but when it comes down to testing, their student doesn’t make the grade. Students work so hard during lessons and completing assignments and then score mediocre on a test. There is a major disconnect in preparation for the assessment because students can understand concepts when a teacher teaches them, but when they actually need to apply them, that’s where the issues lie. Students frequently say “I’ve never been taught this”, and even though that is how it seems, it's the fact that the information has not been proposed in this specific format before. 

Following an organized layout of the units, Mills Virtual Tutoring will review major concepts that have already been taught and will practice test type questions and standardized questions. The monthly meetups will meet twice a month on designated dates. As we approach AP testing, SOLs and final exams, we will meet once a week (in the springtime).

Courses Offered: Math 6, Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, Biology, AP Biology, Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Physics, AP Physics, AP World History, AP US History, AP Government, AP Spanish, AP French


Group Tutoring - Private Group:

Create your own group of peers taking the same class and work on a specific content with support. Group tutoring is beneficial for students who need more support in a certain subject or if parents want extra learning going on. The pro about having a private group is that the tutor will follow directly what the teacher is doing, so all content will always be aligned with the classroom teacher's standards and learning targets.


    Academic Coaching:

Academic Coaching is when a tutor works with a student, helping to manage their assignments, deadlines and the process of completing assignments as well as preparation for major assessments. When executive functioning is a barrier, students can meet with an academic coach who will help them prioritize their assignments and discuss how to complete their assignments in the most efficient and effective way possible.


Typically a tutor schedules virtual meetings twice a month for 30 minutes. The tutor maps out a plan with the student each session and at the next meeting, will figure out what worked, didn’t work and how to continue to move in the forward direction for all classes. The number one goal is stay on target with assignments and help students understand how to manage their time appropriately, regardless of sports, work, family and more! This is not meant to be exhausting for the student, this is the necessary guidance and a safe place for students to discuss their school work and issues with assignments.

Parents are having difficulty with their children around completing assignments for school. We are essentially the middle man in supporting the student., also know as the “student’s manager”. We help students make decisions that control their learning projection and teach useful, consistent organizational styles to support independent learning. Mills Virtual Tutoring is here to prioritize your child’s assignments and help them work through scheduling, prioritizing and managing their time!

One-on-One Tutoring:

One-on-one tutoring is beneficial for students in courses they do not typically excel in. It is strongly recommended to look at the child’s previous track record and pick the subject that has always been a struggle. This may be a class with the lowest grade and least amount of assignments typically handed in, which is likely is a class that the student does not enjoy the most. Implementing one-on-one tutoring can show the student, we can teach you in a way that you understand and they will gain the confidence necessary in order to succeed. A major goals with one-on-one tutoring is to be as consistent as possible with or it may become ineffective.

Example of virtual group tutoring during summer enrichment 2020 with Jennifer Mills.

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