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Thanks for visiting Mills Virtual Tutoring -- I’m the founder, Jennifer Mills! First things first. I am a full-time teacher, first and foremost. It is my true passion to teach. I currently live in Prince William County with my husband David and two adorable girls, Addison and Lilly.


I started MVT because I wanted to help as many students as possible. I have been tutoring kids 1-1 since I started teaching in ‘07. Before that, I graduated with a degree in Mathematics and Statistics from SUNY Albany and then received my Masters of Education in K-12 Special Education from George Mason University. This is all to say, I've been doing this for a long time and love it - 13 years! I’ve have taught all grades from middle school through Pre-Calculus...and the list goes on. 


Three years ago teaching full time in Fairfax County and individually tutoring 25 kids one on one, my family decided to move an hour away from the students I was tutoring. This presented a challenge because I loved my tutoring kids, my students loved our sessions, and the parents were extremely pleased with their child's progress. I did not want to give it up, nor did the students or

their parents. . .and that’s when MVT was born!


We have tutored over 1,500 individual students primarily in the Northern Virginia area, but also have been working with students in Washington, D.C., Maryland, New York, Florida and other places in the United States. It’s extremely flexible for parents and students' schedules, it’s more affordable and as of a month ago, we launched our general group tutoring program to support even more students during this unknown time in our world. We have a 100% (yes, 100%) parent satisfaction rating. This is because I individually vet every one of the 50+ amazing tutors we have. I continue to teach full time in Fairfax County, and on an average week our tutors help a minimum of 200 students, on subjects ranging from Kindergarten all the way to high school courses including AP courses, college courses and beyond. 


We are not a big company and we care about each individual student, really. I’d love to hear from you if you have questions, concerns or are just checking to see if this could be a good fit. My email address is info@millsvirtualtutoring.com, or you can text or call me directly at 516.298.7699.


I believe tutoring is more than just learning the functional content. . .we care about helping students become successful individuals through strong connections and exuding the utmost confidence in their studies of learning!


Featured on the cover of Neighbors of Lake Manassas Magazine - June 2020

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Featured in the Neighbors of Lake Manassas Magazine - September 2020


Featured in the Neighbors of Lake Manassas Magazine - October 2020